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End The Reign of Pain: Identifying and Treating Toxic Leadership

End the Reign of Pain: Identifying and Treating Toxic Leadership



Many people, especially leaders, are toxic and don’t even know it. Others cannot recognize what a toxic leader is—or whether they are following one. The end result of all this toxicity is pain in life and relationships.

This book is about toxic people, toxic behaviors, and ultimately toxic leadership.

It is an intense transformational trip into you. It will help you deal with the “whys” behind the ways you think and act. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of human behavior and what drives people. What’s presented is provocative, challenging, mind-altering, and downright life-changing.

To know the effective side of leadership, you must understand the toxic side as well, including:

  • Sources of toxicity
  • Destructive leaders & bullies
  • The toxic triangle
  • Poisonous parenting
  • Toxic masculinity & femininity
  • Leader lusts
  • Followership
  • and much more

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