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End the Reign of Pain: Identifying and Treating Toxic Leadership is lauded as: a masterpiece, revolutionary, absolutely excellent, indispensable, a must-read, the perfect guide, superb, and a comprehensive resource that brilliantly captures everything on leadership for personal, professional, and spiritual development.

This book is about toxic people, toxic behaviors, and ultimately toxic leadership. It is an intense transformational trip into you. It will help you deal with the “whys” behind the ways you think and act. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of human behavior and what drives people. What’s presented is provocative, challenging, mind-altering, and downright life-changing.

Many people, especially leaders, are toxic and don’t even know it. Others cannot recognize what a toxic leader is—or whether they are following one. The end result of all this toxicity is pain in life and relationships.

Exhaustively researched and displaying penetrating leadership insights, Dr. Rickardo Bodden lays out a training manual that addresses these acute toxicities and gives vital instruction on building healthy leaders, employees, organizations, parents, and families.

Leadership in the Age of Narcissism: God’s Blueprint for Christian Leaders

God has commanded His disciples to impact nations.

This means every disciple of Christ has a leadership mandate on their life and should be demonstrating godly leadership. This guidebook is filled with principles and methods for implementing leadership modeled by Jesus Christ. You will be challenged to look at the inner you because self-leadership is the basis for all leadership. When applied, these simple principles will change your life. God has designed you to lead.